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By considering all factors of your individual case, he ensures that your results are completely unique to you, providing among the finest abdomen liposuction Beverly Hills has to offer. Further, Dr. Amron also focuses on the abdomen as it compares to the rest of the body. By doing this, his technique is geared towards an overall proportionate appearance. All in all, if you’re looking to reduce your waistline and diet and exercise have not done the trick, abdomen liposuction may be the key to the figure you deserve.

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The abdomen is a very gravitationally prone area, and I can approach it in one of two ways. First, the upper and lower abdomen may be done as a unit. In many individuals, if only the lower abdomen is done, the upper abdomen will not tighten from the liposuction and gets looser with time.

"From the moment I came in for my initial consultation, I knew that I was in the best hands for my body sculpting. You are truly an expert and the best in your field, and I was blessed to be placed in your hands."

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How Abdomen Liposuctionis Performed

Liposuction is done with a device called a cannula. This is a steel tube that Dr. Amron gently inserts into the treatment area. He moves this device back and forth to help break up the fat cells, which are then sucked through the tube and out of the body. As a plastic surgeon dealing solely in liposuction, Dr. Amron has perfected this technique. He has a critical understanding of how fat is stored in different areas of the body. Because of this, he doesn’t simply use liposuction to eliminate unwanted fat—he does it with a specific purpose in mind to actually sculpt different areas of the body, producing a proportionate, beautiful appearance.

As with every procedure Dr. Amron delivers, abdomen liposuction is done with minimally invasive tumescent liposuction. This means that during the entire procedure, only local anesthetic is used. You are not knocked out, and the procedure leads to faster healing and superior results. In order to properly treat your unique Los Angeles Liposuction, Dr. Amron will use one of the two separate approaches:

  • Central abdomen liposuction, which only addresses the belly
  • Circumferential torso liposuction, which addresses the abdomen, flanks and waist

Abdomen Before & After Gallery

Abdomen liposuction must be tailored to the specific needs of each patient and must take into account many details to ensure optimal results are achieved. Click the button below to view Dr. Amron’s abdomen liposuction before and after pictures.

Central Abdomen

In order to properly treat the entire central abdomen, Dr. Amron addresses all four quadrants of the abdomen. In this way, the treatment is consistent through the entire stomach. When only one area of the abdomen is treated, the untreated area may bulge over time, leading to an uneven and disproportionate appearance. Because Dr. Amron treats the entire abdomen as a single unit, it leads to long-lasting tightened contours.

In treating the central abdomen, there are several aspects that Dr. Amron keeps firmly in mind throughout the procedure:

  • Approaching the abdomen from multiple angles, preventing treatment irregularities and a donut of fat around the belly button
  • Identifying when patients have poor skin elasticity, allowing him to be conservative in his approach without leaving an empty skin envelope after treatment
  • Applying the cannula parallel to the skin surface, preventing dimpling or unnecessary damage to surrounding tissues

Circumferential Torso

In certain patients who have fat deposits around their waist, the circumferential torso liposuction technique will be more beneficial. If these patients were to receive only central abdomen liposuction, it would lead to a wide and flat look.

In order to properly deliver circumferential torso liposuction, Dr. Amron has his patients lie on their side with their back perfectly straight. This gives him the best possible access to the waist. By approaching the entire waist from access points above and below, Dr. Amron’s dynamic and comprehensive approach can adequately address any unwanted pocket of fat in the central abdomen, flanks and waist.

Dr. Amron's 10 Guidelines for Liposuction

Liposuction is not a procedure that a patient simply walks in and receives. It requires a comprehensive evaluation, analysis and preparation. Dr. Amron's approach is methodical and uniquely tailored to the needs of each patient. Click the button to read Dr. Amron's 10 guidelines for successful liposuction.

Individualized & Comprehensive liposuction

When patients come to Dr. Amron for his Los Angeles abdomen liposuction, they get the expertise of a seasoned liposuction specialist. In the interest of providing you with the best results possible, he takes an active approach towards your successful treatment. Rather than mechanically performing any procedure asked of him, he conducts his own thorough examination to determine exactly what you need. He then listens thoroughly to your cosmetic goals. By combining his professional viewpoint with your own needs and wants, he can create a personalized treatment program that is specific to you.

If you are one of those people looking for liposuction, consider Dr. Amron. In the interest of providing you with the best results from abdomen liposuction, he uses a unique, multifaceted approach—he doesn’t seek to simply treat a single area of fatty tissue. Instead, his goal is to bring proportion and balance to your entire body by considering how each component visually interacts. This dynamic, integrative approach is what sets Dr. Amron apart. To find out more about abdomen liposuction, please call us today.

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