Dr. Amron's Philosophy On Liposuction

Addressing Disproportion Instead of Weight

My surgical practice is exclusively dedicated to liposuction procedures. As you might imagine, my approach is very focused and methodical and I take every aspect of my work very seriously. My approach to evaluating potential candidates is stringent and exacting. At the core of my philosophy lays one important fact that every patient must understand: liposuction is not for everyone.

Regardless of how much excess weight a person may carry, body fat itself does not qualify someone as candidate for liposuction. As I often tell my patients, liposuction is about balancing one’s physique and eliminating areas of genetically disproportionate fat storage. It is a medical technique designed to treat excess fatty tissue that does not respond to traditional weight loss methods, such as diet and exercise. When a patient comes to me that does not fit into this category I never hesitate to recommend an alternate course of treatment. It is my adherence to this principle that truly distinguishes myself and my approach to liposuction surgery.

Liposuction Under Local Anesthesia

It is my firm belief that the patient must remain conscious throughout the liposuction procedure in order to achieve optimal results. To understand the reasoning behind this idea you must consider that under general anesthesia (putting the patient completely to sleep) the patient’s muscles become entirely lax. Under such conditions the patient isn’t able to do anything more than simply lay upon a table and it becomes impossible to properly sculpt and shape the body. Remember my goal is never simply to remove excess fat but to actually mold and reshape the body, producing exact contours and shapes.

Rather than refer to it as simply “liposuction” I call this refined approach “liposculpture.” When performing this meticulous procedure, proper patient positioning is of the utmost importance. If the angle of the liposuction cannula’s entry is not kept 100% parallel to the surface of the patient’s skin, dimples can result. As part of my technique, I start with the deeper fat and gradually work up to the surface tissue, using progressively flatter and smaller cannulas. In addition, I always work in a criss cross pattern with each pass of the cannula. This ensures a smooth and natural-looking result.

What Makes a Patient a Good Candidate for Liposuction

1) Contrary to popular belief, the most important word in the world of liposuction is not “overweight” but “disproportionate”. Overall size and weight have no real bearing on the matter. For instance, a patient could be thin but possess areas of fat storage that are out of proportion with the rest of their body. This is the first thing to look for and is often an indicator that someone is an excellent candidate for liposuction surgery.

2) The second thing I look at is what other measures the patient has already taken in an effort to lose the disproportionate weight. If the person has dieted and exercised extensively with little or no change in these disproportionate areas, it is more than likely that these areas will only respond to liposuction. This is common in such areas as the love handles, thighs and in the abdomen. Often times the very best candidates are thin in most areas of their body with stubborn areas of disproportionate fat storage. This is usually an issue of genetics.

Liposuction as a Solution
for Overweight Patients

In my belief it is inappropriate and even irresponsible to perform liposuction surgery on an individual who is generally overweight as opposed to disproportionate in specific areas. Unfortunately, many surgeons promote and perform liposuction on patients as a solution for remedying overall excess fat. This can have detrimental effects for the patient, permanently throwing their bodies out of proportion and even causing fat to become disproportionately stored elsewhere on their body.

My recommendation to patients who simply want to shed excess weight and achieve a slimmer physique is to follow the standard course of diet and exercise, I also offer hormonal and dietary counseling that can help patients struggling with general weight. I always recommend such remedies ahead of liposuction.

In my experience, most patients earnestly seeking liposuction, are looking to resolve a combination of genetic disproportion as well as some general excess weight in other parts of the body. In these cases it is not always necessary for the patient to lose weight first, however when I do perform liposuction on this type of patient, I am very careful to ensure that I have properly identified which areas of their body are actually out of proportion. With these areas isolated, I can work in a targeted manner to balance out their figure. After that, it is up to the patient to lose any extra weight through standard diet and exercise.

Dr. Amron's 10 Guidelines for Liposuction

Liposuction is not a procedure that a patient simply walks in and receives. It requires a comprehensive evaluation, analysis and preparation. Dr. Amron's approach is methodical and uniquely tailored to the needs of each patient. Click the button to read Dr. Amron's 10 guidelines for successful liposuction.

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