From Consultation to Surgery

Initial consultation

Before you decide on surgery, the first step is scheduling a consultation with Dr. Amron. There are several purposes to this consultation, including:

  • Determining candidacy for surgery

  • Establishing your cosmetic goals

  • Examination so Dr. Amron can gather necessary data to establish a treatment plan

This comprehensive procedure also allows Dr. Amron to determine any alternative options to give you similar results. He will not perform a procedure unless a patient truly needs it, or he may recommend a less invasive form of treatment. By performing this thorough consultation, Dr. Amron is able to ensure his own motivation for surgery as well as establish how the patient will benefit. During this time, a quote is given for the procedure.


Several weeks prior to surgery, the patient comes in for a medical evaluation. We take a medical history and conduct blood work to ensure the patient can undergo surgery. Additionally, we take photographs to compare before and after surgery. We use this time to handle all other logistics of surgery, including paperwork, prescriptions and pre-op instructions. Any final questions or concerns can be addressed at this time.

Day of surgery

On the day of surgery, Dr. Amron begins by marking treatment areas and taking pre-op photos. He numbs the incision points, also known as access points. He then applies local anesthetic and uses a drug called dilute epinephrine, which shrinks capillaries to prevent blood loss.

Next, Dr. Amron begins the liposuction. He inserts a cannula into the incision to access the underlying fat layer. With a back and forth motion, he breaks up the fat, allowing it to be suctioned through the cannula. Dr. Amron’s technique is typically to start in the deeper layers of fat and gradually move toward the surface. As he moves toward the surface, he uses smaller and flatter cannulas to ensure he gets all possible fat.

In order to get the best possible result, Dr. Amron uses crossing patterns with the cannula from multiple access points. By approaching the treatment area from multiple incisions, he can ensure a smooth texture and natural-looking result. During the procedure, patients are fully awake, allowing Dr. Amron to shift their position to achieve the optimal result.

As a final step, Dr. Amron and his assistants gently massage the treatment area to allow the removal of excess fluids. Patients will then spend time relaxing in our comfortable recovery room until they feel well enough to go home.


After surgery, our patients must have a friend or family member bring them home. They can immediately resume a normal diet and may take our prescribed antibiotics. Because Dr. Amron’s approach to liposuction is so gentle, only one in ten patients take painkillers following surgery. The local anesthetic from the surgery remains active for up to 24 hours after surgery, causing minimal discomfort and pain.

After surgery, most patients are alert and experience no nausea, grogginess or any other feeling that generally comes with general anesthesia. The incision points are usually left open to drain excess fluid, which is typically gone within a day. Patients are encouraged to take a long walk the day after surgery to promote faster healing. A compression garment is usually worn for about a week following surgery.

Each aspect of your recovery will be thoroughly reviewed with Dr. Amron prior to surgery. He will make sure you have everything you need to stay comfortable.

Follow-up visit

Dr. Amron usually sees his patients one week following surgery to check on the incisions and overall healing process. Patients should know that most bruising is gone after three weeks, at which point the results will really begin to show. At the six-month mark, patients will come back to the office to take post-op photos for comparison. At this point, patients have usually achieved 75% of their final results.

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As you can see, liposuction is a fairly comprehensive procedure. At the office of Dr. Amron, we ensure each step is met with total care and compassion. By attending to every little detail, we help our patients not only remain comfortable, but also see the best results possible from liposuction. If you would like to set an appointment for your initial consultation, please call us today.

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