Natural Def Lipo

What Is Natural Def Lipo™

Natural Def Lipo™ is a highly advanced liposculpture surgery that precisely sculpts the body without compromising the skin’s elasticity or creating excessive scarring beneath the skin in efforts to create artificial definition. Natural Def Lipo, pioneered by Dr. Amron, is the missing factor in a body contouring world preoccupied by artificial definition, etching and imitation abs.

By utilizing his highly advanced technique, The Amron Method™ in combination with his extensive understanding of the skin, Dr. Amron can achieve maximum aesthetic enhancement without compromising factors that are usually neglected with High Def Liposuction. Natural Def Lipo™ is the key to attaining a natural-looking contour by enhancing the patient’s existing features rather than artificially creating what’s not there.


Dr. Amron abides by his philosophy by recognizing the importance of balance in each patient’s unique build and distribution of fat. We believe that approaching every patient with mindfulness of balance and proportion will achieve their optimal, natural-looking and individualized enhancement goals.

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High Def Lipo vs. Natural Def Lipo

In the body contouring world, fads, trends and catchy buzzwords surrounding High Def Lipo come and go. However, the procedure itself has persisted for around 20 years and many were eager to jump on the bandwagon. The appeal of High Def Lipo is no secret, liposuction patients are often enticed by the idea of waking up to muscle tone and definition. Both High Def and Natural Def lipo have the common goal of a great cosmetic outcome, however—High Def Lipo achieves this with ab-sculpting scars that can at times look unnatural. The artificial definition achieved in High Def lipo comes with the cost of excessive scarring, retracting the skin and pulling everything back—compromising the skin’s elasticity.

Dr. Amron’s understanding of the skin has enabled him to cultivate a body contouring method that works with the body’s natural muscle and skin tone. As for a High Def Lipo patient, eventually as time goes on, the tissue can settle against some of the ab-sculpting scars and will grow to look even more unnatural.

The Amron Method™

Dr. Amron’s unique and advanced approach is comprised of a few different variables that ensure outstanding results for his patients. The main factors that make his method stand out are: circumferential approach, avoiding general anesthesia and a multi-system approach.

Circumferential Approach

Natural Def Lipo has the term Liposculpture because the procedure is sculpting rather than just sucking the fat out. Through Natural Def Liposculpture, Dr. Amron is contouring and sculpting three-dimensionally and approaches things by the entire cosmetic unit rather than breaking up cosmetic units. This means that if a patient is concerned about their outer thighs, Dr. Amron will take on the entire unit from the inner thigh to the outer thigh to ensure that proportions are being considered.

Multi-System Approach

Dr. Amron starts by using a device called body jet WAL (Water Assisted Lipo) where he is able to prepare the tissue. The next step is the emulsification of the fat, which is releasing a lot of the fibrotic tissue—this is how Dr. Amron achieves maximum cellulite improvement. Thirdly, he used a device called Bodytite for further additional tightening. Lastly, he does all of his contouring and sculpting using a vibrational device called Power Assisted Lipo. Each step and tool is crucial to contributing to Dr. Amron’s efficient method for Natural Def Lipo.

Avoiding General Anesthesia

Dr. Amron prefers the approach of avoiding general anesthesia and does it in versions of tumescent local anesthesia either with or without sedation. Whether the patient prefers to be under twilight sedation or just a mild sedation, they will always avoid general anesthesia for a few reasons:

  • Safety : Liposuction has been shown to be a more dangerous procedure under general anesthesia due to the increased risk of clot formation (DVT), pulmonary embolism (the number one cause of death in liposuction and lastly, an increased risk of the surgeon traversing pass the safe plane onto the not-safe plane.

  • Recovery: Under General Anesthesia, the patient will most likely experience some nauseating effects post-procedure. However, under local anesthesia, Dr. Amron’s patients are able to walk 30 minutes after their procedure. In General Anesthesia, surgeons are more likely to poke and jab into the tissue and muscle unnecessarily, causing bleeding and bruising and trauma, which causes more pain and a longer recovery. Aside from that, recovery is faster in the sense that tumescent liposuction is a much more pure way of removing the fat.

  • More fat removed: There is much less bleeding from the procedure, which means the fat that Dr. Amron removes is 90% pure fat. Dr. Amron’s cautious approach to removing the fat, allows him to remove quality fat and scar tissue. Preparing the tissue properly with Water Assisted Lipo allows him to tumesce completely so that when he does liposculpture, he is removing pure fat. In addition, he makes sure to stay perfectly in that plane as he removes the fat to reduce the risk of injury from poking or jabbing the tissue.

  • Technical Disadvantage: It is a huge disadvantage to have the patient lying with loose flaccid muscles and being rolled around to be positioned. When Dr. Amron performs surgery, the patient assumes certain positions for Dr. Amon to contour and sculpt over.

Is anyone a candidate
for High Def Liposuction?

Dr. Amron believes that there is a limited number of patients that are candidates for High Def Liposuction. People who are generally lean and have excellent muscle tone and skin elasticity but want maximal definition could potentially be a proper candidate for High Def Lipo. The artificial definition that is created by cutting into things is only meant for a limited amount of people.

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