Out of Town Patients

At the office of Dr. Amron, our goal of delivering outstanding cosmetic care is not limited to patients living in Los Angeles, or even America. Our idea of effective cosmetic care is ensuring it can be applied globally, not just for celebrities living in Beverly Hills. Because of this, we are proud to welcome international clientele to our Beverly Hills office. Our intention is to help with every aspect of your trip, not just the treatment you’ll receive when you get here.

We don’t feel that a patient’s location should determine the quality of care received. At our office, we are dedicated to the comfortable arrival of any patient. We understand that Los Angeles may be a new destination for many of our patients, so our staff are prepared to offer any assistance we can. From booking accommodations to helping with travel arrangements and entertainment while you’re in Los Angeles, we are here for you.

Our concierge services include:

  • Assistance with booking flights

  • Assistance booking accommodations

  • Discount hotel packages

  • Discount airfare

  • Assistance with transportation once in Los Angeles

  • Entertainment during your stay

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If you are out of town and would like to inquire about destination cosmetic care, please call our office at 424.353.2522. We will help get everything arranged for your smooth and comfortable travel.

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