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In today’s world, where plastic surgeons are a dime a dozen, patients tend to overlook the tangible qualifications of a doctor. Even a very common procedure like liposuction requires the skill and experience of a seasoned professional. Unfortunately, not all surgeons are created equal, and patients can lose sight of that in their quest to find cosmetic improvement on an immediate basis.

Dr. Amron's Beverly Hills revision liposuction surgery is performed when patients have experienced a less-than-optimal result from another surgeon. Because Dr. Amron has over 10 years of experience performing almost solely liposuction, he has the artistry, intelligence, and technique to not only get it right the first time but to correct another surgeon’s error in liposuction.

Reasons for revision liposuction

As a doctor performing revision liposuction for many years, Dr. Amron has seen it all. He has broken revision liposuction into four separate causes, each one requiring a different form and degree of correction. If you’ve had liposuction and are unhappy with the results, an initial consultation with Dr. Amron may be just what you’ve been looking for. Dr. Amron has helped many patients get the results with his Los Angeles revision liposuction .

Insufficient Fat Removal

When a liposuction surgeon simply doesn’t remove enough fat, it can leave a patient unfulfilled with barely noticeable results. This case is fairly easy to correct. Dr. Amron will go back into the treatment area and smoothly, evenly remove more fat. During this procedure, his goal is not just fat removal—it is establishing correct proportions throughout your entire body.

Overly Aggressive Fat Removal

Liposuction surgeons can sometimes become overenthusiastic regarding how much fat they remove. When they remove too much, the result is an inconsistent, uneven and disproportionate appearance. In order to help such patients, Dr. Amron will frequently use fat transfer, in which he harvests fat from another area of the body and re-injects it into the treatment site. He may also use very mild and precise liposuction techniques to blend the treatment site into surrounding areas, restoring your physical proportions.

Uneven Fat Removal

Uneven fat removal is usually the result of an inexperienced or unskilled surgeon. It is caused by a technique that is more geared towards sucking fat out of the body rather than actually sculpting the body. Fortunately with Dr. Amron’s expertise, this is a fairly easy condition to correct. He re-enters the previous treatment area, usually from multiple incisions. By approaching the area from two or more angles, he can cross his passes to ensure that fat is removed methodically and artistically to give you the best results.

Not Blended with Surrounding Areas

Another important aspect of liposuction is ensuring the treatment area is indistinguishable from surrounding areas. This requires care and attention to detail in how the liposuction is performed. When the treatment area is not blended with surrounding areas, it can produce a harsh transition that is obvious to the eye. Dr. Amron can smooth this transition to make the treatment area look as though it doesn’t even exist. It takes a top surgeon to deliver beautiful, natural results, and that is just what Dr. Amron specializes in.

How Revision Liposuction Works

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I perform a lot of revision liposuction surgery for patients from around the world and can almost always make a great improvement in areas that previously had poor results.

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Liposuction is not a procedure that a patient simply walks in and receives. It requires a comprehensive evaluation, analysis and preparation. Dr. Amron's approach is methodical and uniquely tailored to the needs of each patient. Click the button to read Dr. Amron's 10 guidelines for successful liposuction.

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