Cosmetic surgery

Elective cosmetic surgeries are typically not covered by insurance. If a reconstructive surgery will improve your ability to function physically, or correct a problem present at birth or resulting from an accident or trauma, cosmetic surgery may be covered by insurance.

Lipedema treatments

Many insurance carriers unfortunately don’t easily cover lipedema treatments, and where they do, strict criteria has to be met before coverage is provided.

AmronMD will help guide you through this process with our experience and expertise in submitting prior authorization requests. If you meet the requirements, AmronMD will work hard to establish the fact that surgery is medically necessary and that surgery is your only option. Ask us about which lipedema insurance coverage that your carrier provides.

We can further assist you with:

  • Insurance Verification

  • Summary of Benefits

  • Prior Authorization

In the event coverage is not initially offered, our team will continue to present your case if you are a candidate with extenuating circumstances and will initiate an appeal on your behalf so that the insurance company reviews your case again. For additional information, please contact our Surgical Coordinator, Evelyn, at (424) 353.2522.

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