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For patients looking to reduce fat that has accumulated in their upper or lower back, they will be pleased to know that the back is one of the best areas for liposuction. In the back, Dr. Amron can use a highly aggressive approach without being concerned about excess skin or damage to surrounding tissues.

Some of the most dramatic results from liposuction can be seen when it is applied to the back. With this dynamic and integrative approach to his Beverly Hills back liposuction, Dr. Amron can help your back achieve the smooth and proportionate appearance you’ve been looking for. To find out more, please read below or call our office today.

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This gravitationally prone area is a wonderful area to do if there is fullness. The skin is thick and prone to drooping, so I usually liposuction the mid and upper back as a unit.

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Back Liposuction
Overview and Benefits

Back liposuction is intended to correct back rolls, bulges around a bra and any other fatty lumps or deposits in the back. As a result, patients experience a better fit to their clothes, increased confidence, tighter skin and an overall slimmer physique.

With certain genes, patients may develop localized pockets of fat that are “programmed” into the body. The back is one such area. When this occurs, it is difficult to fully eliminate this fat with diet and exercise. Because of this, back liposuction in Los Angeles with Dr. Amron is a great option to reduce these fat deposits and achieve a slimmer, fitter contour. With his record of excellence, many of Dr. Amron’s patients call it the best, most lasting liposuction. With back liposuction, patients can effectively eliminate:

  • Bulges of fat around bras

  • Rolls of fat in the back

  • Disproportionate appearance in the back

How Back Liposuction is Performed

In performing back liposuction, Dr. Amron uses a device called a cannula. This is a thin steel tube that Dr. Amron gently inserts into the fat layer of the back. By moving the cannula slowly back and forth through the fat layer while staying perfectly parallel to the skin, he is able to break up the fat cells, which are then sucked through the cannula and out of the body.

As with every procedure Dr. Amron delivers, his Beverly Hills back liposuction is done with minimally invasive tumescent liposuction. This means that during the entire procedure, only local anesthetic is used. You are not knocked out, and the procedure leads to faster healing and superior results in comparison to more invasive forms of liposuction.

In order to get the most out of back liposuction, Dr. Amron addresses the mid take out back and upper back in the same treatment. In this way, he can deliver results that are consistent and natural through the entire back. Additionally, he approaches fatty tissue in the back from multiple angles. His entire technique is geared towards giving you the most consistent and natural-looking results possible.

To help put the finishing touches on your back liposuction, Dr. Amron uses a type of cannula called a spatula cannula. This is a very small precision instrument that actually looks like a tiny spatula. He can use this special cannula to remove all fat that’s stuck to the underside of the skin layer. By doing this, he ensures a tight, smooth contour to the skin in addition to the reduction of fat volume.

During the entire procedure, he considers all factors of your case, including skin elasticity and the proportions of your entire body. In this way, your results are not only beautiful, they are 100% unique to you.

Back Before & After Gallery

When performing back liposuction for female patients, Dr. Amron works one-on-one with each to restore proportion and contours in a way that fits them. Click the button to view Dr. Amron’s female back liposuction before and after photo gallery.

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From Dr. Amron:

“When I do the arm area, it takes me about thirty minutes. The first ten minutes is numbing the area with a local anesthetic. Then it takes me about twenty minutes to do the arms.

The arms are absolutely a gravitationally prone area. It seems to also be an area where people are genetically prone to storing fat. In the arms, because of the effect of gravity with time, it tends to drop and get looser. Then if you have fullness there in your twenties or thirties, it tends to get worse in your fifties or sixties. If you don’t catch it before it’s gotten too loose, there’s not much else you can do. An arm lift is an option, but it will leave a very noticeable scar. So the arms are definitely an area to catch early as opposed to waiting on.”


When patients come to Dr. Amron for back liposuction in his Los Angeles office, they get the expertise of a seasoned liposuction specialist. In the interest of providing you with the best results possible, he takes an active approach towards your successful treatment. Rather than mechanically performing any procedure asked of him, he conducts his own thorough examination to determine exactly what you need. By using a unique, multifaceted approach, he doesn’t seek to simply treat a single area of fatty tissue. Instead, his goal is to bring proportion and balance to your entire body by considering how each component visually interacts. This dynamic, integrative approach is what sets Dr. Amron apart.

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