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In the quest to find facial symmetry and balance, many patients find that they need to reduce volume in the chin and neck. When these areas accumulate excess fat, they can detract from a person’s appearance and confidence.

As a premier dermatologic surgeon, Dr. David Amron delivers some of the best neck liposuction Beverly Hills has to offer. Whether you have a double chin or simply lack of definition in the jawline, neck liposuction with Dr. Amron may be the perfect solution.

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If there is any fullness in the neck, it is wisest to perform liposuction earlier rather than later. This is because the neck is a very gravitationally prone area. If the surgery is not performed early on, the skin may lose elasticity, leaving a lower face and neck lift as the only viable option.

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What is Neck Liposuction?

As we gain weight, the face is often the first part of the body to show it. The cheeks fill in, the neck becomes larger and the chin accumulates excess fat. Funny enough, as we lose weight, the chin and neck often lose the weight last. Even for patients who aren’t experiencing weight fluctuations, the existence of a double chin is often hereditary. The truth is, the neck and chin are two of the biggest problem areas for patients with stubborn pockets of fat. If you were to draw a line from your ear canal to the corner of your mouth, neck liposuction is capable of addressing everything below that line. This includes:

  • Part of the cheeks

  • Jowls

  • Jawline

  • Chin

  • Neck

In general, Dr. Amron’s goal with his Los Angeles neck liposuction is simple: to give your face a slender, well-balanced appearance that is the most flattering for your natural anatomy. He thoroughly considers your overall appearance so your neck liposuction will not look disproportionate to the rest of your body. All in all, his work is meticulous and calculated to deliver the best possible appearance to your neck.

How Neck Liposuction is Performed

Liposuction is done with a device called a cannula. This is a steel tube that Dr. Amron gently inserts into the treatment area. He moves this device back and forth to help break up the fat cells, which are then sucked through the tube and out of the body. As a plastic surgeon dealing solely in liposuction, Dr. Amron has perfected this technique. He has a critical understanding of how fat is stored in different areas of the body. Because of this, he doesn’t simply use liposuction to eliminate unwanted fat—he does it with a specific purpose in mind to actually sculpt different areas of the body, producing a proportionate, beautiful appearance.

When it comes to liposuction of the neck and chin, the watchword is delicacy. The chin and neck do not contain very much fat, so even a small amount of fat removal can make a dramatic difference. During your entire neck liposuction procedure, Dr. Amron’s focus is not on fat removal. Instead, it’s on sculpting your chin and neck so he produces an elegant and graceful transition from the neck to the face. He does this while preventing any distinction between where fat was removed and areas that were not touched.

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Neck liposuction must be tailored to the specific needs of each patient and must take into account many details to ensure optimal results are achieved. Click the button below to view Dr. Amron’s neck liposuction before and after pictures.

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From Dr. Amron:

“The neck is one of the most common areas that I do with liposuction. By catching it early on, you can prevent or at least delay the need for a surgical facial procedure. When I do the neck area, I break it into two different approaches. One is what I call the submental area, which is that fullness just under the chin. The other approach is to do the whole neck as a unit. When I do this, it addresses the jowl area and sometimes even the lower cheek area around the mouth. It’s a very quick, easy area to do.”


When patients come to Dr. Amron for neck liposuction, they get the expertise of a seasoned liposuction specialist. In the interest of providing you with the best results possible, he takes an active approach towards your successful treatment. Rather than mechanically performing any procedure asked of him, he conducts his own thorough examination to determine exactly what you need. He then listens thoroughly to your cosmetic goals. By combining his professional viewpoint with your own needs and wants, he can create a personalized treatment program that is specific to you. In this way, his goal is to provide the best neck liposuction Los Angeles has available.

In the interest of providing you with the best results from neck liposuction, Dr. Amron uses a unique, multifaceted approach—he doesn’t seek to simply treat a single area of fatty tissue. Instead, his goal is to bring proportion and balance to your entire body by considering how each component visually interacts. This dynamic, integrative approach is what sets Dr. Amron apart. To find out more about neck liposuction in our Los Angeles office, please call us today.

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When diet and exercise won’t quite help you achieve the physique you’ve been looking for, liposuction with Dr. Amron is an effective alternative. This rapid, outpatient procedure will have you looking better within a week, with results lasting up to fifteen years. If you’re struggling with stubborn fat pockets in your hips, it may be time to consider liposuction. To find out more about hip liposuction, please call our office today.

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