The Focus

Over the course of his career, Dr. Amron has performed over 10,000 liposuction surgeries providing him with invaluable insight into the genetic function and structural proportions of the human form.

A believer in educating peers and forwarding his field, Dr. Amron is widely published in both medical journal articles and medical textbooks on dermatologic surgery. He is passionate about lecturing and teaching his unique techniques and philosophies for liposuction and lipedema surgery, both nationally and abroad.

A Highly Specialized Focus

Dr. Amron’s dedication to the field of liposuction has made him something of a “super specialist.” He doesn’t offer other types of surgery, instead having refined his skills and expertise over the course of many years, honing his results and zeroing in on exactly how to unify his patients and the results they had previously only dreamed of achieving.

An important aspect of Dr. Amron’s approach is his commitment to aesthetics in his results. His liposculpture technique involves a keen understanding of the human body, and enables him to craft results that appear natural and elegant, complementing the patient’s naturally-occurring form and physique.

If you’re interested in what liposuction can do for you, Dr. Amron wants to hear from you. He takes a patient-centric approach to his work, meeting individually with everyone who comes through his door. He’ll work closely with you to learn about your cosmetic goals and aesthetic aspirations, and together you’ll create a treatment plan that enables you to look and feel the way you’ve always wanted. Reach out and set up your consultation with Dr. Amron today.

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