The Results

Results themselves are an important thing to understand. The surgeon should be providing a clear idea of results to the patient as much as possible in the consultation and set the patient up for reasonable expectations.

When I discuss results with a patient, I am very careful with the words I use. When a patient uses words such as “gone” or “completely”, I will alter the phrasing and talk about significant improvements in areas. Patients should always appreciate this with any cosmetic surgery. With liposuction surgery, we are often dealing with other factors, such as looseness in areas or limitations to the degree of improvement that can be made, so results should always be thought of in terms of significant improvements.

Natural, Elegant Results

Patience should be observed in regards to final results. Patients should try to align themselves with the surgeon that has the greatest chance of giving them the best results and the lowest chance of a problem or complication.

This is dependent on each individual patient and also dependent on the judgement and technical abilities of the surgeon. Before and after photographs can be somewhat of a guide for results and for choosing the right surgeon, but I do not recommend completely trusting before and after photographs.

Surgeons are going to show their best results and not show their complications or poor results. Some surgeons will alter and edit their photographs to make the results look better, so I advise patients to be very careful and skeptical with before and after photographs.

Before & After

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With every liposuction procedure, my goal is to accomplish the highest possible degree of cosmetic improvement, with the lowest possible amount of risk for postoperative complications or problems. I focus on natural-looking results that are harmonious with your body’s natural proportions, blending with your contours and generally emphasizing your new, attractive silhouette.

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